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Cape May is an island town rich in history and culture. The same can be said for its indigenous inhabitants. The few who reside here have deep roots in the community as their families have lived and made contributions to the community for decades.  Robert Gleeson, owner of Cape May Contracting Inc, has resided in this pristine seaside town all his life along with a rich family history. His family still owns one of the most successful real estate companies in town, Coldwell Banker Sol Needles Real Estate, which has been in the family for 117 years.  Although Robert is not a realtor by trade, his true passion came from working alongside his fathers contracting business for many years as a teen.  Robert’s true passion is in the building and renovation business. In fact, it runs deep in his blood having a long-standing family line in the building/contracting business from various parts of South Jersey. In 2013, after many years of learning the craft from his father and uncles, Robert branched out into his own outfit.  The company was originally formed as a home repair and maintenance business catering to mostly rental homes on the Cape May Island.  The Business quickly morphed into a general contracting business due to his willingness to take on more complex projects, and the increasing need from his families’ real estate office for a reliable contractor to refer to new clients. As his small business grew he began to hire talented people to the team.  Steve Steger, a graduate of Monmouth University and Vice President of Steger Beach Service Inc., came on board to manage the business operations of the contracting company and developed new systems and strategies to aid in the growth of the company. Steger offered a concise vision of where the company needed to go and develop into a multi-face contracting company. Steger’s family business has also operated in Cape May for over 85 years, which permitted him to have the basis of the fundamental knowledge of how a successful small business operates. 

Taylor Smith, another local whose family has lived here for decades, joined the team and offered his skills as a knowledgeable wood-worker and tradesman. Like Robert’s family, Smith has a rich family history with his grandfather Mickey Blomkvest being a successful building contractor for over 50 years and started in business when he was 18. Smith’s grandfather participated in a vast number of building projects, more notably the old Lafayette Hotel, Cape Island Episcopal Church, Pink House on Perry Street and developed a large number of city blocks and historic homes. Smith’s grandfather was also the Mayor of Cape May City for over 16 years. An influence such as this inspired Taylor to learn the trade himself. After working in the field for a number of years Smith came on to head the estimating and sales division on the company which enabled Cape May Contracting to spend more time working with clients and their proposed projects. Mr. Smiths Project Management skills enabled the firm to take more complex projects and complete them in an efficient manner.

Mike Altieri, a childhood friend of Robert’s, came on board to offer his skills in the trade and leadership on the construction site. Mr. Altieri came from yet another long-standing family who has resided in Cape May area for Decades. Mr. Altieri is a lead carpenter on the construction site and offers his keen eye for detail and carpentry skill.  Robert’s younger brother, Mike Gleeson, joined the ranks also offering his keen eye for detail and artistic quality, in addition to working for both family businesses. John Sherba, who comes from good stock and skill, is an essential part of the team. John`s father had worked along side Robert`s father for some time, years ago. Robert and John actually met on the job working under their fathers learning the trade as teens, and his work ethic has never staggered since. Vinny Zumpano, brings years of invaluable knowledge and carpentry experience to the table. As our head lead carpenter jobsites run efficiently, organized, and timely. His proficiency in carpentry and his ability to overcome the issues that arise when working on Victorian era homes is not something you can learn from a book.

Cape May Contracting has since continued to expand with a full-time professional field staff of nine members, and three members working in the office dedicated to the craft and business of general contracting. We are not only dedicated to our craft, but the service to our community, which we pride ourselves on being apart of. We are a full service general contracting company specializing in a number of areas such as historic homes, additions, decks, renovations, restorations, and major structural rehabilitations. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity as most of our members are engaged in many aspects of civic involvement. Some are members of the Cape Island Masonic Lodge, and Steger serves on the Board of Directors for the Greater Cape May Chamber of Commerce, and also sits on the Board of Trustee’s for the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities.

If you choose to hire Cape May Contracting for your next project we assure you the finest quality of customer service, professionalism and craftsmanship. We will be with you every step of the project from start to finish. Give us a call today and we will happily discuss your next project.

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