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The construction process can be a long and sometimes confusing process for anyone. When you hire Cape May Contracting, we are here to help every step of the way. We can assist with professional services to find the right subcontractors and professionals for the job. Below are some general questions we often receive from customers.

  1. Do you have an updated Survey?
    (no…. we can help you get a new survey and/or flood certification)
  2. Are you currently or planning on working with either a licensed architect or engineer?
    (no…. we can help you work alongside our design and engineering team to accomplish your dream design or alteration.)
  3. Do you have and idea on style, or design for your project? Do you have fixtures and appliances selected?
    (if no… we can direct you to the right suppliers to find the right fixtures, appliances, materials, etc. to outfit your home or business)
  4. Have you thought about creating a budget on what you are prepared to spend on your project?
    (not sure where to begin…. We can help you create a realistic budget for your project with assistance on scope of project, material selection, and other project variables.)
  5. Do you need a variance or legal assistance to move forward with your project?
    (Yes, what I would like to do does require a variance. We can assist you with working alongside our legal team to get your variance or any thing else required to see the planning board.)
  6. Do you have a permit filed?
    (No… we can assist with filling your building permit, zoning permit, Historic Preservation Commission Application (if needed), and all other necessary documentation.)

Below outlines the typical example of how the construction process unfolds while working with Cape May Contracting. Some projects may differ in the overall process based on complexity and size.

  • Initial Meeting:
    Contractors first meeting with homeowner; go over ideas for project, initial measurements, owner’s contact/property info, and gather project notes.
  • 2nd meeting (Sub-Contractors Meeting):
    Bring subcontractors/architect or engineer to property for walk through and measurements for subcontractors bid. During this process a few visits to the property may occur.
  • Proposal Writing:
    Contractors write proposal, gather subcontractors bids and prepare a detailed estimate for owner including description of work, price, pay schedule, subcontractors and estimated start/finish dates.
  • Proposal Submitted to Owner:
    Homeowner reviews proposal, makes sure all work listed and materials used is to their specifications, and price is within their budget and time schedule is feasible. If the homeowner has questions about the proposal questions may be answered at this time.
  • Proposal Signing:
    Once the price and proposal have been agreed upon, both homeowner and contractor sign proposal and a deposit is issued to secure spot on contractor’s schedule.
  • Permitting:
    If permits are required, contractor will fill out all permits, and other documents necessary and submit to the city for approval. Homeowner is responsible for permit fees. They will be billed in one of the remaining draws.
  • Starting Construction:
    On or shortly before the day that is agreed to begin project by contractor and home owner, contractor will obtain start cost from home owner, start cost will be used to purchase materials, stage tools and equipment and prepare for the project.
  • During Construction:
    During construction homeowner will be given frequent updates by contractor as to the status of their project, also if necessary homeowner may be asked to make themselves available to review current construction phases and answer any questions contractor may need to better meet the specifications of the homeowner.
  • Middle/Final Phase of Construction:
    At the middle and tail end of construction, contractor will ask for next series of payments from homeowner to properly finance the ending phases of the project. This payment is typically at contractor’s request. Also during this phase is typically the inspections from the building inspector, which typically includes (if applicable) building, plumbing, and fire, mechanical, and electrical inspections. If items need to be corrected they will be done so at this time to move onto to the next phases of construction.
  • End of Construction and Final Corrections List:
    At this stage the contractor will present the finished product to the homeowner. The homeowner uses this time to inspect the project and list any corrections or imperfections they may want addressed. (Home owners are entitled to 1 final corrections list) Once corrections have be made by contractor and the homeowner is satisfied with the finish product final payment will be requested. At that time the project is deemed complete.

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